BP 8 When You Kant Take It Anymore

This article is about a woman Del Greenfield, who had battled cancer for forty years. Along with battling cancer she was a peace activist and care taker of her late husband. She took care of him until he passed away at the age of 97 years old. Del was not in good health herself, requiring supplemental oxygen. She concluded she was done with living life at the age of 91, and told her family she wanted to die. As a resident of Oregon, she was able to proceed with the Death with Dignity Statute. This process is much more timely than she wanted. Thus she decided to stop eating and drinking; VSED. This process usually takes between seven to fourteen days. Del passed on the away six days into VSED; peacefully asleep.

In class we discussed Kant’s Good Will. The Good Will is the only thing that is intrinsically good. It chooses an action simply because it is the right thing to do. We all strive to act with good will. To better understand this Kant uses Moral Law. Actions done from a duty or in conformity to duty. Acting from duty is doing the right thing. Acting in conformity to duty is doing it for other motivations such as pleasure, desires, impulses etc. Categorical Imperative is a test for which the particular action is a duty; rational reason to act. Kant uses maxims, a simple rule for action. We discussed the Universal Law Formulation. This tests if the action is rational. So we must ask the question, what if everyone did this? In this article if everyone terminally ill decided to end their own life through VSED, what would happen? Well people who are terminally ill would die but not everyone would die. This test passes because it is still possible to do.

I think it is a crappy way to go out. I hope to be full of expensive liquor and food.



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