BP #8 – #WomenNotObjects


We sadly live in a world where shows such as “Sell/Buy/Date” and “Pimp My Bride” are seen as acceptable forms of entertainment. I find it humiliating to know that people actually sit down with a bowl of popcorn at night just to encourage and empower women to objectify themselves on national television.

According to the Charles Isherwood from The New York Times, the show “Sell/Buy/Date” “discusses how women of our era are conditioned to conceive of themselves — or how others conceive of them — as sexual beings”. When people see that women are okay with objectifying themselves, then people feel okay with objectifying them too. This leads directly into the humanity formulation. The humanity formulation explains that people should never be treated as an object or a thing. People (including ourselves) are intrinsically valuable and should not be treated merely as a mean.

The article continues on to talk about “normalizing” sex worker’s legal freedoms and rights. There are even some colleges who allow for students to major in “sex work studies” where they  have a pole-dancing class, which is, in Bella Abzug’s words:” an amazing way to get in touch with your, like, feminine power without essentializing what constitutes ‘the feminine,’ and while increasing upper-body strength and stamina”. The idea of women being able to objectify themselves as a form of education is absolutely crazy to me. Women are allowing themselves to be sexual instruments for men as opposed to being  see as human beings with rights and emotions.



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