BP #8

The lives of animals has always been a concern for any modern day animal lover. its nice to see a business that cares about an animals life more than their own. Recently the worlds largest McDonalds franchisee in Latin America has announce that the eggs supplied to chains across the globe will be totally cage free by the year 2025. This move is going to increase the welfare of millions of chickens that produce the eggs. Currently they are forced into a process that is called force molting which is process that over stresses the chicken causing them to molt their feathers and re grow them. During this period they stop laying eggs and gives their reproductive system time to reboot which creates better quality eggs. They also spend all of their lives crammed into a cage that is only 48 inches big with multiple other chickens.

According to Kant we all live to act with good will and good will is the only thing that is good. Kant uses moral law which means performing an action based on your duty is doing the right thing. This franchisee doesn’t have to use cage free eggs based on his duty to supply McDonalds with eggs. The fact that this person is going above and beyond to increase the lifestyle to animals that don’t have their own say is what makes this action of duty the right thing to do. It is certainly the right step in the right direction.



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