BP 7 Signing Away Your Life

This article is about the great Netherlands. A country that many American’s long for their way of life. Even though the Dutch have decided to rid their land of multiculturalism. But I digress, the Dutch have decided to help their people in a new way. The Prime Minister Mark Rutte is hoping to draft a new law by 2017. The law is to help elderly people who are healthy end their lives. The Dutch passed the law of euthanasia back in 2001. This helped people end their lives who could not find a cure or experienced tremendous pain. But now these people are simply old. This creates an ethics uproar.

Many of the elderly people feel they have become a burden to their families. This is by no means a reason to end their lives. In class we talked about Utilitarianism. The concept of the way we decided what action is right and what action is wrong by the consequences. John Mill talks about the Principle of Utility. This means are actions are right and wrong in proportion to the happiness or suffering they produce. So in the case of ending a healthy elderly persons life because they are experiencing more suffering than happiness in Mill’s view is right. Pleasure is viewed as happiness also in his argument. I disagree with John here. I do not think it is right for a perfectly healthy person to have assistance ending their lives. The person needs to be put in therapy if such is the case. I also do not think a healthy person would come up with this idea on their own. I think this is a push from the medical field and society. I would be devastated if my grandparents were given this thought to consider. I can not be impartial to this.


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