BP #7: Montreal Wants Complete Ban On Plastic Water Bottles



The article, “Montreal wants complete ban on plastic water bottles”, explains that Montreal, Canada is planning to ban plastic water bottle completely by 2018. The article further explains that “more than 700 million of these single-use bottles end up in Quebec’s landfills every year”. If this ban takes place, Montreal would be the largest urban area to ban plastic water bottles. It was explained that not everyone is for this ban, some think that it is ridiculous to ban plastic bottle completely, when there are much simpler ways to try and take care of this problem, such as increased recycling.

Ethical Analysis:

John Stuart Mill would use utilitarianism to explain that banning plastic water bottles in Montreal would be an optimific action because it would cause the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. Furthermore it would create the greatest amount of happiness for everyone. Although banning plastic water bottles would be extremely inconvenient for some people and especially certain businesses, it would better society and planet as a whole. This is also an example of impartiality because it is in everyone’s best interest. Mill believes that we should put no priority on our own well being over anyone else. Mill explains that we should want the best consequences for everyone, not just ourselves. Montreal planning to ban plastic water bottles is a perfect example of impartiality because although people may not be happy about this on an individual level, it is something that would benefit Montreal as a society as well as our planet.




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