BP7: Samsung creating safer environments for greater happiness


Samsung has recalled all Galaxy Note 7’s due to recent stories of the phones bursting into flames. The company has now began setting up booths in major airports across the world to allow customers to swap out their Note 7’s for other safer devices. Phones are swapped out prior to boarding the flight to ensure safe flights without any unintended mishaps.

Ethical Analysis:

John Stuart Mill says that utilitarianism is a principle that defines an action as right, as long as it promotes happiness. An action is wrong according to the amount of unhappiness or pain it produces.  Having to return your phone to the provider after having put all of your contacts, photos and other information in could be very inconvenient for consumers. This could result in many customers being unhappy and unsatisfied. Also, having to do so at the airport along with having to check in and go through security could be very frustrating as well.

An action is right according to the amount of happiness, or intended pleasure it produces. Since Samsung created defective phones, the most ethical action would be to allow customers to swap their phones out. Allowing customers to switch their phones after hearing about the different incidents happening with the phones could satisfy customers and let them know that they care about their customers and are working to fix their mistakes. Personally, I believe Samsung is building more credibility with the public by requiring phones to be switched before flying. This shows they care about the safety of their customers, which in result will cause more happiness than unhappiness.




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