#BP7 Attempted? No such thing.

I think we can all take a look at the violence that has been taking over our news stations and radios. Gun violence has been on an uproar and the sad thing is, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I would usually use a source or other blog to blog about, but this time, I ask you to turn to the news for ten minutes, and I’m sure you will be able to hear something about a gun. So there ya go.

In class recently, we have been discussing the Utilitarians and their ways of doing things. Extremists as I like to call them, but hey, to each his own. One of the most undeniably crazy claims from them is that intentions do not matter, only the outcome. I started to dwell on that and how much it didn’t make sense to me. I then began to think about gun violence and people dying. Not just police brutality, but all of it. That then took me to my final thought of, if intentions don’t matter and only the outcome does, then attempted murder would not exist.

I don’t like to knock anyone’s views, but this is crazy! Could you imagine someone trying to kill you and they failed, so you have to act like nothing even happened? I sure couldn’t. I would want them locked up in the next available cell for trying. It is very insightful to hear views like this, but I will most definitely be careful the next time I get “cozy” with someone with utilitarian views. It’s scary.



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