BP #7 Akron Plane Crash ‘Infested with Sloppiness’

Reports are just now being released about a plane crash that occurred on November 10th of last year. This plane was about a mile away from landing when it had an aerodynamic stall. The plane was traveling to slowly and ended up stalling because of lack of speed going into the land. The pilots didn’t go through the serious of checklist that they were supposed to before landing. The main pilot set the wing flaps to 45 degrees instead of 25 degrees which slowed the plane to quickly. Both pilots also didn’t call out such information as the altitude or even lower the landing gear. This wasn’t only the fault of the pilots, the company is under some extreme fire by the media because of their lack of due care. Both of the pilots involved in this crash had recently been fired from other airlines. The company didn’t look into why the pilots had been fired. The company also gave the pilots passing scores on written test that they actually failed so they could get into the field more quickly.

There are a lot of ethical problems that arose from this situation. The pilots are a lot to blame in the fact that they were the ones ultimately responsible for the lives of all the people in that plane. I would consider the career of a pilot a profession and believe that they have extra responsibilities to take the upmost care in there daily work because there job is so essential to the growth of the society as a whole and requires so much training. Not only does each of the pilots have responsibility above the normal employee but the airline company should have more responsibility than the average employer. This company needs to have stricter guidelines in place to ensure that scores do not get changed and the pilots have the adequate training in order to be physically responsible for the lives of so many.



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