BP #7:


In recent news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it has been recalled all over the world (twice now) due to the lithium ion battery fault – well, almost all over the world.  A recent video has surfaced the web that demonstrates a Chinese Samsung consumer’s phone vibrating and starting to smoke.  Samsung recently recalled approximately 2.5 million units due to the explosive battery but did not recall the model in China.  Samsung reassured China that the phone was safe.  With the video showing otherwise, you can see why consumers in China would be upset about a safety recall all over the world that excludes them.

Ethical Analysis:

Samsung did the wrong thing by not putting everyone’s safety (and happiness) before their own happiness.  They went against the optimific action of creating the greatest good for the greatest amount of people and furthermore creating the greatest amount of happiness for everyone.  They stated that China’s Galaxy Note 7 phones received a different battery and were, therefore “safe” but quickly learned that they could not bank on their hopes.  After the video was posted online, Samsung representatives got in touch with the owner of the video and tried to work out a negotiation to keep the video private.  This is an unethical thing to do when over millions of phones have already been recalled.  Another point from ethics to justify this would be what the philosopher Mills states.  Mill explains that we should want the best consequences for everyone, not just ourselves, and in this case, Samsung should want to put their consumers first before themselves.  If it weren’t for their consumers, they’d have no market to begin with.  Samsung is considered to be the world’s largest smartphone market and China’s top phone maker.  Their fault in the Galaxy Note 7 will take a large hit to their market share along with their reputation, especially after not putting their customers’ safety before their business.




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