BP #7

In 2015, Louisiana passed a series of laws that made it extremely difficult for immigrants to get married. It required them to have a original copy of the birth certificate and an unexpired visa. A lot of immigrants do not have access to their birth records and even if they did, it costs a lot of money to get them sent and translated. Making courts turn couples away and making them have an expensive back up plan and even leaving the state to go get married. The lawmakers have set these laws to make stop curb fraud and terrorism.

This week in class, we talked about the two principles. One being equality in the assignment of rights and duties and the second being inequalities should be beneficial to everyone and promote equality of opportunity. These laws that are in place do not provide an equal chance of marriage to all and it is unfair. Everyone has the right to marriage, no matter their status. “Immigrants in Louisiana are singled out and “subjected to different requirements when they want to get married,” said Alvaro Huerta, a lawyer with the National Immigration Law Center. This law is a cruel affront to their dignity and should be struck down.” It makes the assumption that everyone who does not have a birth certificate is a terrorist and I do not feel like that is a proper assumption at all. If that is a law, it should be treated equal across the board and not to just immigrants, it should be applied to all American marriages as well. Giving everyone the equal opportunity.


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