BP #7: The EpiPen Update

It was in the news a lot this past summer… the story about the rising price of EpiPens is back. People outraged at the idea that a medication used to save someone’s life would now have to become dependable on the means of personal finances. One company that produces the expensive drug, Mylan, recently offered a “solution” to the rise of the medication.

Mylan now offers a coupon that can get “up to $300.00 off at the pharmacy counter if their insurance plan has a deductible or a co-payment”. While this sounds like a great idea, reading deeper into the article reveals a more deceiving plan. The lower co-pays at the pharmacy for these patients, allows for insurance companies to have a rapid jump in their premiums. Another way that insurance companies are getting around that 300.00 “loss” on their part is by having the patients pay for a percentage of the drug, in addition to the copay. This really frustrates me because Mylan is not actually offering any help to these poor patients with life-threatening allergies, but getting the publicity as if they are.

Mylan, along with the involved insurance companies are a prime example of negligent obedience because they are failing to take due care. These big companies are being unjust simply because they can and because they know they can get away with it. They have truly come to point where they have disregarded their sense of humanity and only seem to act out of their aggression towards monetary value. These patients are not asking them to give away the drug for free or become a charity organization for all people with illnesses, people just ask for life-saving medications, such as the EpiPen, to be at a fair-trade value. After all, who are they to put a price on a life?


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