BP #7 Living as a Man, Fighting Breast Cancer

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A transgender man was diagnosed with cancer six years ago and has beat the awful diagnosis. He tells readers about his experience as a trans man having to go into rooms full of women during the process of being diagnosed. How awkward is was and how he wanted to just run away. He mentions the decent experiences he had with doctors that understood and other experiences that he had with others that did not understand. Mr. Oberman explained a time when he was in an exam room and another male nurse came in and said that he didn’t understand why he would do this to himself. I.e. take the hormone of testosterone and where a bind for his breasts. When he needed to have a simple pap smear to test for cervical cancer years after the breast cancer was beat, Mr. Oberman stated how he had friends that had been challenged by receptionists just when calling because of their deep voices.

Giving this article an ethical analysis is easy. The rights of these transgender men are just as they should be for any other man but their not. They have to jump through hoops and hope they aren’t judged or turned down for being transgender. The doctor/nurse/worker in the hospital that made the nasty statement of why would you do this to yourself to Mr. Oberman was acting unjustly. The worker knew that he could get away with such a comment in that moment and so he did. Being just is involuntary and we know this because when giving an opportunity to act unjustly we will. Now there are laws that have been put in place in the past three years to give transgender people the same rights as anyone going to a doctor. The Affordable Care Act passed a law against discrimination towards transgender societies and provided protection for them. There are just acts being made by some but when given an opportunity will it continue?


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