BP #7: Traumaticness


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The NFL has been under fire for years for knowingly allowing their employees to play the game of football even though they know that football causes health issues. Well the NFL is not the only place that human beings are playing this rigorous sport and getting hurt. The peewee football leagues are now trying to develop ways in that they can make the game safer for the kids who play it. Recently the NFL has donated over 100 million dollars so that more research can be done to determine how the equipment that these players use could be improved so that they can create a safer playing field for their players. While this research goes on there continues to be games played, there continues to be traumatic brain injuries, and there continues to be a direct correlation between the game of football and premature death, dementia and other brain related injuries.

The game of football is a sport that most of America enjoys to watch, but is it worth it to put lives at risk for the entertainment of the country? A utilitarian would say that the NFL is not being impartial in their decision making. The NFL is including their self interest in the matter and realizing that if they were to make the correct action that would require stopping all games until they were no longer putting the players at risk. According to John Stuart Mill the right action in this case would be the action that creates the greatest balance of good to bad consequences. I think that if the NFL was a utilitarian they would recognize that it would be better to stop putting players lives at risk than to continue having players play in games and earn their profits. I think that it would be very hard to be utilitarian for the simple fact that it is required that you must be impartial and make the best decision for the betterment of everyone who is involved. I think that it is practically impossible for humans to make the “right” decision in every situation because more often than not humans are not impartial and take themselves into consideration and determine what would be best for them oppose to everyone else. I think that the NFL is clearly taking themselves into consideration in this matter which would go against what a utilitarian would say is the right decision. I think that it is impossible to be impartial in all situations therefore I disagree with utilitarianism.


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