This article was written by a former doctor at the M10 hospital in one of the worst locations on the planet. The hospital is located in Aleppo a city in Syria. It is currently closed down because it was bombed until the sick, wounded, and employees were forced to leave. The Author was upset about having to leave the country and not be able to help out as much as he would like in his country. So him and a co-worker travel back to the hospital in Aleppo to find out that not only was there no one there to help the injured but that there wasn’t hardly any medical supplies for even him and his partner to do what they could. Seeing how bad it has gotten he chose to write this article to raise awareness about what is going on in Syria.

I am relating this to what we talked about in class about how our professional are held to a higher responsibility that non professionals in our society. Even though it is not a responsibility to go this far out of your way to help someone I do think that this can show the way a lot of doctors feel when they are helpless in a medical situation. After he found out that he could not go back and physically help the individuals that were in need, he realized that he could gain some support in America by writing about his findings. He is trying to gain support so that the people will put pressure on the United States government to help out more of the refugees in Syria.


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