BP #6:The Federal Indian Health Service and the Veil of Ignorance

Why Care at Native American Hospitals Is Often Substandard

The federal Indian health service directly runs twenty-eight hospitals that serve Native Americans. For over a century it has been a problem that Native Americans have been receiving sub par health care. New inspections have taken place and the conditions of the hospital are of poor quality and filled with out of date equipment. The normal inspections done by the federal Indian health service were found to be very minimal and did not check everything properly. This is why when the inspections were done by the Inspector Generals Office, so many problems were found that should have been looked at and taken care of by the federal Indian health service.

Under the veil of ignorance that Rawls talks about inequality can be alright as long as the benefit of doubt is given to the less advantaged. This is because, under the veil of ignorance you are blinded to seeing the differences between people. You are unable to know who you are below, or who you are above. This also would include if you are healthy or if you have a chronic illness. This is why it is important to always be fair to the less advantaged. The inequality is acceptable because it is good in ways of society. people are more motivated to work hard to have a better life for themselves, and it is good for growth in the economy. If everyone was rich then everyone would be poor. So in these hospitals, maybe the Native Americans go here because they can not afford the best health care, and that is alright. But, it is only alright it they are still receiving care that is at least adequate. The people at the federal Indian health service need the veil of ignorance because then they will not see the difference in people and will give them the health care that they rightfully deserve.


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