BP #6 Vietnam Arrests Mother Mushroom, a Top Blogger, for Criticizing Government


A popular blogger was recently arrested in Hong Kong this week for criticizing “ the country’s one party government over politically sensitive topics” ( Ives 1). Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, also known as “Mother Mushroom” was arrested Monday, in Khanh Hoa, Hong Kong. “She was accused on Tuesday of distorting the truth and spreading propaganda against the state” (Ives 1). The article explains that according to vietnamese news media, she may be sentenced up to twelve years in prison. The article continues to explain that some believe, Quynh was arrested to show younger bloggers what can happen when you express feelings or attitudes that go against what the Vietnam government believes.


Ethical Analysis:

This article directly relates to Landau’s social contract theory. The social contract theory states, “the view of morality is based on a social contract” (Landau 193). This theory seeks to explain that morality is created through one’s society. What is deemed moral is based off what society says is moral or not moral. The social contract theory also explains that while there is common universal morals, what is considered moral is justified from society to society. This article is a great example of the social contract theory. People in America blog about our government or say things that are not true on a daily basis. With our current election, people are voicing their opinion on the internet non stop. It is completely accepted and not necessarily looked at as “morally wrong” in the United States. This is interesting because in Vietnam blogging against the government’s policies is considered so morally wrong that it can potentially cost someone up to twelve years in prison. This article is a perfect example of the social contract theory, in that it explains how our morality is constructed on an individual level through society rather than morality being something that is universally applied. 


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