BP #6 Trump & [Un]clear Keys

“We assume that presidents will grasp the power of the nuclear arsenal at their disposal and show the utmost restraint in using it.” One of, if not the most, trusted things the President of the United States is responsible for is to defuse crisis and avoid nuclear war. In a world where war is on very major headline almost every day, to avoid a war or come up with another solution is something that we entrust out President with. It is feared by most that there is a threat of  a nuclear war. A young girl who lives in Yemen was reported saying that she sleeps, eats and basically lives in fear because of the countries around her in constant combat. The U.S. has more defense weapons than the next 25 countries, all of which are “allies.” The Times published this article written by a man who worked within the nuclear weapons department for the U.S. He was the one who would push that big scary red button when the President called to launch our nuclear weapons.

This man has an important view and opinion of Donald Trump saying he “is of a radically different ilk and temperament from past presidents. If I were back in the launch chair, I would have little faith in his judgment and would feel alienated if he were commander in chief.” He goes on to talk about how past President Nixon was unable to make important calls because he was too drunk, leaving others to make the call for him. Social contracts are a part of daily life, they are necessary to function so we don’t revert back to animalistic tendencies. Nuclear warfare is yet another agreement that society has made. Nuclear warfare can easily end the world or while out most of the population. We have made nuclear warfare a norm that we don’t pull that trigger. We have seen what happens when we do. As a society, we will be voting for a president, many people have expressed their concerns if we were to let Donald Trump have access to those codes. The article explicitly expresses, from someone well informed, that we will be breaking that social contract if we allow Trump this responsibility.


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