BP #6 Donald Trump and the Social Contract Theory



This article focuses on the mistreatment of women by Donald Trump and the level of animosity that it has raised not only with women groups but also with minorities. It brings up the idea that this country is still white washed when it comes to the thoughts and feelings of its people.  Of all the other oppressive ideas that have been stated by Mr. Trump including barring Muslims from entering the United States and referring to Mexican immigrants as criminals, these actions however crude and boisterous didn’t catch the attention as much as when referring to the sexual advances he would take on white women, did.  This action has forced white America to project the unwanted sexual advances offered up by Trump onto their own wives, daughters and granddaughters.  But what about the minorities in this country that aren’t seen as first-class citizens and are not granted the same amenities as say white women in this country?    This article brings to light the fact that such women feel a strain from this country, not fully understanding why it is that in order to feel empathy for another we must first be affected with it personally.



The Social Contract Theory is an agreement or contract made by members of a society about how to act or not act.  On face value, the tape that surfaced which featured Donald Trump demoralizing women and bragging on his sexual exploits should have been enough to garner a negative response from the American people on how this action is not moral.    Upon a second look we notice how this action has affected white America perhaps deeper than other bouts of racist remarks from Mr. Trump did.  By following the Social Contract Theory this article makes apparent that we as a people deem issues that affect white people more important or dire in consequence than that of actions that are taken against minorities.  I believe that we are in the midst of following the procedure to fully understand that Donald Trump and his actions are not the right fit for America.  I can say that as of right now we aren’t all in full agreement about him and his actions.    It seems as though we are still asking ourselves, would we like it if (insert action), no optimific social rule would permit (insert action), and/or no universalizable maxim would allow (insert action).  The time is now to push back on the actions taken by Donald Trump and we need to unite as a country on the issues that affect all of us instead of focusing only on issues that relate to me.


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