BP #6

The ethical issue that I am writing my blog post about this time is an issue that has been well covered in the news and social media. It is the issue of Donald Trump finding a loophole to not pay any income taxes. For a long time it has been speculated by certain groups that he has been avoiding paying these taxes, and when he was asked about it he merely shrugged it off and denied it. Until in the most recent debate when he explicitly acknowledged that he used reported a $916 million loss which allowed him to write it off on his taxes and help him avoid paying income tax for many years.

Trump probably should have been held accountable on paying these taxes but he was able to get away with it for one main reason. He was wearing the Ring of Gyges. In this story, the Ring of Gyges is a ring that can turn him invisible and allow him to get away with bad things that a person who was visible would not have been able to get away with. In modern times, the Ring of Gyges can be described as other things that help people get away with wrong doing like money, power, blackmail, and connections. In the case of Donald Trump he is using his money and power to help him get away without paying the tax that almost every other person is held accountable to pay. In our society this can be classified as unjust because justice is what we as a society codify as just and most people in our society would find that using this loophole to avoid paying taxes is not just.

Isaac Lippert

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/10/us/politics/donald-trump-taxes.html?_r=0


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