BP 6


Surveillance in the Post-Obama Era


In this article the author was talking about the surveillance in the United States on terriosim. He starts off by talking about Obama and how he did not fulfill his promise to increase surveillance. It also summarized what each president says about surveillance especially for United States citizens. It is a well-known fact that there is a grey area when distinguishing between unreasonable search and seizure and defending our country. An example of this in the article was when the government wanted apple to unlock an iPhone of a shooter.

While reading this article I could relate it to the topic I could relate it to our class reading of the Social Contact Tradition. I related this to proceduralism and contractarianism. There are rules, procedures, set in place so that there will be not complete chaos and even the powerful figure has to abide by them. However even though these rules are looking out for the best of people they still break laws sometimes. Breaking these laws is a vice. Even though they are trying to do it in a virtuous way and trying to protect people. If we are following contractarianism then breaking these laws would be ok at the time because the government is looking out for the best interest of people. Sacrifice one to save many, would be ok. However I pose the question of what happens to the people who give the ok to commit an illegal search and seizure, even if they are acting in a virtuous way? Contractarianism would say that at the time they would endorse punishment even though it turns out to be immoral.



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