BP #5 Birth of a Nation

In class, we have been discussing the “veil of ignorance”. The veil of ignorance is essentially how you imagine yourself in society behind this veil where you don’t know things about yourself and/or others. You don’t know the things that allow you to judge others in simpler text. In class we wrote a list of possible situations of veils for some people. I then began to think outside of the veil and started to place certain people behind the veil to make sense of their actions.

The Birth of A Nation is a remake of a movie about Nat Turner and the slave revolts he led. Now, slave movies have been super popular over the past few years. But when you think about it, it’s only the slave movies where it’s the typical story-line. The slave escapes and blah blah blah… this movie is different. Nat Turner held slave revolts and went around the south and helped destroy plantations and kill slave masters. Sounds like a thrilling movie right? Well it’s struggling in the box office. I can only help but think, is it because some people are behind the veil? They don’t know and they don’t want to? It’s a part of history, but many people don’t care to know about stories like this.

I can’t blame others when I have not seen the film myself, so am I behind a veil myself? The black female that hasn’t supported her people and gone to see the movie or blogged about how amazing it was? That is up for you all to decide. I will do my “duty” and see the movie and try to compel others to do the same.




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