BP 6 Free Healthcare, Less Freedom.

Universal Health Care! Look at Europe! Why can’t we be more like them? Well America you’ve got what you been wanting. Free Healthcare! This article talks about Obamacare and the effects of it. With  almost all of the major insurers leaving the market, the ones that have stayed have raised premiums through the roof. Those who have kept their insurance may even loose their current plan. If you haven’t chosen a plan on the website, you’re in luck. The government will pick one out for you! That’s right they will chose a plan for you. Free healthcare, isn’t so free.

In class we have discussed the topic of freedom.  In class we defined the term liberty as the absence of impediments to doing what we want. In the case of Hobbes we talked about the Law of Nature. The Law of Nature is a rational rule of nature, where humans are naturally rational. This prevents us from doing anything destructive to our own lives. This has a structure of rules such as government. We talked about in class that in order to escape the State of Nature, war of all against all we must give up certain freedoms. When we give up certain freedoms we are able to live in a society where we aren’t at all out war. It is beneficial to everyone to give up a little freedom to have a peaceful life. But where do we draw the line? We are giving up freedom by choosing Obamacare. The government has taken your choice away if you do not chose a selected list. Even if you say no I don’t want health care you are being charged! We have given away our freedom of choice for healthcare. Free healthcare, will cost your freedom! So what is it worth?




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