BP#6 – Irrational Relations


I was shocked by an article that was published last month that stated that improper teacher student relationships have hit an 8 year high in Texas. Sure we hear more about it these days, but it is so easy to blame the media for just spotlighting the cause instead of noting that the numbers are actually rising. I would have thought that with the strict laws put in place to prevent this and the fact that the teacher usually ends up in prison and on the registered sex offender list, that the numbers would be going down.

DeEtta Culbertson, spokesperson for Texas Education Agency stated that the use of social media is a huge aspect to blame in the rise of teacher student relationships because it “provides more access to students – day and night” (Culbertson 2016).  It is so easy for teachers and students to text or send a snapchat, that they no longer take that extra time to think about their actions and the consequences that follow.

I believe that in this case, the teachers or authority figures are wearing the “ring of Gyges” (or at least they think so) because they are going into this thinking that they are truly not going to get caught. I have a hard time understanding the teacher’s thought process when they are thinking “there’s no way that this 15 year old boy is going to brag to his friends that he just had sex with his teacher”. It almost seems as if they are so confident that they won’t get in trouble even if people do find out… which goes along with Plato’s beliefs that people will act unjustly if there are no repercussions and if given the opportunity. This is also an example of strict obedience because both the teacher and the student are ignoring the context and consequences that follow their actions.






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