BP #6 When the Social Contract Theory Backfires

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/nsa-case-highlights-growing-concerns-over-insider-threats/2016/10/06/61b90a5e-8bc7-11e6-bf8a-3d26847eeed4_story.html

A National Security Agency contractor was arrested for stealing classified information fro  the National Security Agency (NSA). The contractor was working for Booz Allen Hamilton, and has opened the NSA’s eyes up to the growing risk of insider threats in the NSA. The Booz Allen’s contractor is the latest in recent NSA insider threats, another one being the infamous Edward Snowden. These insider threats are leading the NSA to realize how far they have to go in eliminating insider threats, especially the company Booz Allen, where two of the insider threats have already came from. Outside contractors are already working on technologies designed to detect insider threats.

As most people know, the NSA plays a huge part in the social contract theory. The social contract theory states that in order to have peace and security in our lives, we must give up a little bit of our freedoms. One of our freedoms is the freedom of privacy, and in order to have security, we must give up a little bit of this freedom. The NSA is meant to protect us and provide us security, so in order to do that, they must have some access to our private lives, more specifically our technological lives. But of course, there is always the possibility of situations like the one above, where someone in the NSA decides to steal this information about our private lives for intentions that only they know about. This is very important, because when we give up part of our freedom to be protected, we expect the government to respect that and not to take advantage of our surrendered freedoms. I would consider not taking extra measures to keep our private information safe to be taking advantage of our surrendered freedoms. In order to uphold their part of the social contract theory, the government must take great measures to make sure that our surrendered privacy is kept safe with the government.


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