BP#5: Yahoo helped the U.S. government spy on emails, report says- an article from the LA Times.

According to an article from the LA times the CEO of Yahoo let the NSA go through all of their emails for certain phrases. Not only did Yahoo let the government scan through the emails, they also developed a software that would help them do it more effectively. CEO Marissa Myers said that she did it because she was obeying the law, but because she sent along with the demands of the government it actually created a serious security hole; it was so troublesome that Yahoo’s security chief quit and got a job at Facebook.

When asked why she so haphazardly decided to obey, and grant the wishes of the US government, she said she was just following the law. But this statement is questionable because we can recall the time when the US government wanted to be able to go into people’s iPhones; Apple did not comply with their demands because of the security risks.

There is one thing that I find troubling, and that’s the statement that Myers made to a tech website saying, that the government should have some type of reform in terms of the why they get information from users. “Recent revelations about government surveillance activities have shaken the trust of our users, and it is time for the United States government to act to restore the confidence of citizens around the world.” (LA Times)

I find it hilarious that Myers said she felt the government was in everyone’s business a bit too much, and then turns around and creates a program to help the NSA spy on Yahoo users. This very action of “obeying the law” was actually the reason at least 500 million email accounts were comprised in a 2014 data breach.

I would say that this is definitely a case of negligent obedience in the since that Myers just went along with the wants of the NSA which wound up harming her company, and compromising the information of 500 email accounts. But, she was just obeying the law. Going along with the government wishes really sort of blew back in her face; I would go even further to say that the NSA was causing harm to yahoo email users without any consequences, which is good for them but what about all of the yahoo users who were harmed without any retribution?



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