BP#5 Facebook Wearing Ring of Gyges?

Facebook Marketplace Goes Wrong: Sex, Guns and Baby Hedgehogs

The very popular social media website Facebook has given people yet another reason to stay on their page, instead of switching off to a different website. Buying and selling objects and services is against Facebook’s terms and conditions, but people are creating pages and groups to do just that. So instead of Facebook stopping these groups and forcing them to use sites such as Ebay and Craigslist, they created Facebook Marketplace for another reason for people to use Facebook. This new Facebook Marketplace started with a huge issue involving their reviewing system. It failed to identify posts that went against their policies and even actual laws. Weapons, illegal drugs, and sexual services made it through. Facebook issued an apology.

In this case i believe that Facebook made a huge mistake. They have an enormous company, with many users of all ages. This being so they have a large amount of responsibly to closely monitor what they are allowing on their website for people all around the world to see. This little “technical issue”, as they call it, is not so little. They failed at their jobs. As a company that is involved with this many people, they have a responsibility to control what is spread around via their website. They did not do this and believed that a simple apology would suffice. Because they are a large business and believe they have control over everyone through Facebook, they think they can easily move on from what they allowed to happen with a sorry. The sad part is though, that they will. This will probably get pushed aside and forgotten about all because they have so much power in such a large company. This ability to move away from the problem with minimal repercussions and continue to grow after is from “wearing the Ring of Gyges”. Their power protects them; therefore, they will get away with a simple oops, our bad.


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