BP #5 Scandals

In 2013 on the George Washington Bridge, there were a series of mystery lane closures  that happened and no one knows why. Gov. Chris Christie claims they were for a traffic study. Yet everyone now believes it was to punish the residents of Fort Lee because their mayor refused to endorse Gov. Chris Christie for re-election. In December of 2014, there was a court order to AT&T to search the phone records of Gov. Christie and his chief of staff on the day the lane closures happened. When Gov. Christie is asked about the phone, he recalls that he has no idea where it is but says he gave it up to the government like they asked so he seems like the victim and that he is totally incident yet the government NEVER received the phone.

This is where the concept of power and money come into play when it comes to scandals. It has been over 2 years since this happened and all these secrets are just now coming out. In a recent press release, Christie openly admits he lied about saying the lane closures were for a traffic study. Politicians are the biggest liars and I do not feel like they tell the truth at all. They just tell the public what they want to hear so they get re-elected and get paid the big bucks. When I think about people abusing power and money to get what they want, all I can think about is the TV show Scandal. So many people lie and use blackmail to get to things thrown out and covered up just so they look like a perfect angel to the public’s eye. This Bridgegate scandal is a perfect example of abusing power and wealth to get what you want.



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