BP #5 French Underground Madness

A local to some, a menace to others, Cédric Herrou, a 37 year old farmer living in  Breil-Sur-Roya, France, is aiding migrants from Africa to France illegally. He has been using his farm as a modern French underground railroad to help these families without papers to safety in France. Some believe these people should be sent back to where they came from, whereas others believe that they should be welcomed and helped. Herrou has helped over 200 individuals and he believes this is the right thing to do, “They are rounding up blacks in the train stations, They are taking children, and they are sending them back. Either I close my eyes, or I don’t. These are people with no papers at all. That means they have no protection. I don’t see how we can be inert.” Many of these people will continue on to safety, while police don’t believe this is such a patriotic effort on Herrou’s part. The government hasn’t spoken on whether they will deal with this problem and how they will.

This is starting to sound very similar to World War II and how Jewish people were treated. Being pulled off trains and forced to places they don’t want to be. There are many different ethical dilemmas that are being presented in this awkward ordeal that is happening. Is it an ordeal in the first place? Or is it a man helping people as a modern day hero? I think what Herrou is doing is virtuous,  I think people will abide by the law just beaucse they assume that’s what’s right or won’t differ because they are scared of consequences. Herrou saw helpless people in need and  offered to help them to safety. In his comments he’s made, its obvious he wants to help people and not stand by, he has integrity for being a safe haven for other humans in need. I think that Herrou is in line with Mcfall’s ideals.



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