Blog Post #5: In Trump We Trust?

Everyone in the United States is familiar with the name, and brand, of Donald Trump. Labeled as a savvy business man, the Republican Party nominee has been making headlines since he announced last year that he would be running for the presidency. What is it about Donald Trump that makes him so captivating? Is it his business savvy lifestyle? Maybe it’s his refusal to be politically correct and eagerness to speak his mind? Or is it, perhaps, his superb hair styling? Obviously there is something about his demeanor that has drawn in a large majority of the American population. However, his opponents are thoroughly convinced that Donald Trump is wholly under qualified to run this nation as it should be run. This article focuses on many different reasons for why the Trump administration is rooted in mistrust and deception, highlighting why Donald Trump is not a worthy ¬†candidate for the presidency.

In particular the article discusses Donald Trump’s unwillingness to release his tax returns, something that most presidential candidates have been forthcoming with for several decades. Additionally the article discusses Trump’s history of foreign investments, focusing on his willingness to invest in Russia. The problem with these two instances is that Trump has an issue with being transparent with the American people. This leaves many wondering whether or not Trump is trustworthy, or involved in illicit activity. As a presidential candidate Trump has a responsibility to be open with the citizens of the United States. If he wants to be our leader, he needs to act like one.

I would relate Trump’s tax return scandal to the story of the Ring of Gyges. In the story of the Ring of Gyges, Glaucon insists that human beings would inherently choose to be dishonest, if they could get away with it. In Trump’s case, I believe Glaucon is correct. Donald Trump has been put under an intense spotlight because of his candidacy, which is why people are calling into question is tax returns and foreign business investments. Had Trump not run for president, it is unlikely that his dealings would have been heavily looked into, simply because he is a well known investor and business man. Trump seems to be an example of a man who illustrates Glaucon’s point exactly.If he hadn’t been such a high profile candidate, he could have gotten away with virtually anything, and he would of. Instead, he now has to face scrutiny. But given the choice, he seems unwilling to reveal his personal business dealings.


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