BP #5 Venezuelan Officers Linked to Colombian Cocaine Traffickers

A couple of years ago the Military Intelligence Chief of Venezuela Hugo Carvajal was arrested in Aruba by government officials for a supposed link between drug trafficking and the participation in an active drug cartel called “El cartel de Los Soles”. He was then taken to court in Aruban soil and he declares himself innocent of all charges, but even then the US officials wanted him to be extradited to the US. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government took care of the matter and sent Navy fleets that surrounded the island. This is because they considered the act of getting arresting one of their military intelligence chiefs as an act of war, and even though on closing all aerial traffic.
The Netherlands took actions and liberated Hugo Carvajal and soon after all navy of Venezuela left the shores of Aruba. A few hours later Hugo Carvajal was in public television welcomed by the president as a hero.

This is a perfect example of the ring of Gyges expressed by Plato in the Republic. The fact that a diplomatic person is untouchable even though he has done harm and something consider illegal all over the world and still get away with it. This is thanks to the huge corruption and the narco-state of Venezuela, that they provide safety to their own people in which they make cocaine trades with.
Even though every DEA agency knows him for what he has done, and even though every INTERPOL agency is looking for him, he is an untouchable man, because the Venezuelan government is covering him “the ring makes him invisible” because if some organization or a government tries to get him then the government will intervene and make it a state matter fact.
This kind of actions taken by the government shows how morality and Stately matter situations don’t matter to the government, even though people are dying of hunger, they will continue fighting for what they think is the best cause. Which is exporting cocaine and laundering money.


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