BP #5 Sacramento Police Shooting

Sacramento Police got a call about a man with a knife, acting erratically. Joseph Mann, a homeless, black male in his early-50’s was the man in question. Dashboard cameras show the police asking him to drop the knife and put his hands up, Mann ignored the requests. Another dash-cam revealed two officers attempting to run Mann over multiple times. Soon after, Joseph Mann was shot at nearly 20 times. He was hit and killed by 14 of the shots fired.

Negligent obedience, defined as failure to exercise due care in our interactions with others, is a type of obedience that can have major repercussions if caught. This raises the question: “What is due car?” Due care can be described as acting conscientiously and/ or acting in the most morally optimal manner.

I believe the police officers in this case acted negligently. They asked him to drop the knife and he refused; but, in my opinion, that does not give them the immediate authority to try and use their cars as a deadly weapon and hit him. In response to almost being ran over, Mann took off running. Two police officers then shot him 14 times. This is not acting morally optimally if you ask me. Things escalated far too quickly. Hitting a non-compliant suspect with a car should not be the next step after announcing through the overhead speaker to put their hands up. Furthermore, the answer to a suspect running should not be to shoot them 14 times, that is not acting morally optimally. If force absolutely needed to be used to control Mann, a taser would have sufficed. Killing the suspect should always be the last resort to handling a situation and only used in the most extreme cases. This case was not handled poorly by these negligent, police officers and there needs to be a drastic change seen in how/when police use deadly force in America.



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