BP#5 Jakarta works to clean their waterways

Jakarta is a large city in Asia, with a population of over 10 million and climbing.  This city in home to over seventeen rivers and canals.  All which are blocked up with mass amounts of garbage from natural disasters, and from the people.  This debris caused the waters to become 70 percent blocked; which has attributed to mass floods in areas where floods are rare.  “The national government and city officials did no proper dredging between 1970-2010 – despite repeatedly claiming that it had been carried out.”  Those 40 years of no dredging, or cleaning of the water ways caused years and years of debris to build up.  The city, with help from the national government, and from international donors is finally getting Jakarta’s waterways clean.

In class we talked about Michael Davis’s views on professional responsibility.  Davis mentions a couple of different rule following obedience’s, one of which is negligent obedience.  Negligent obedience according to Davis, is a failure to take due care, in other words he/she could have done better.  In this article of Jakarta, the city officials simply ignored the problem with taking very little action in cleaning up the mess from 1970-2010.  For years the water was considered a trash can, and the city did nothing about it.  Floods were occurring simply because the water was so filled with garbage that the water levels raised substantially. Finally, once the mess got out of hand and was causing mass floods in areas that don’t normally see flooding, the national government and city officials stepped in.  The city didn’t want to worry about the water because it would be a hassle to take care of and ignored the problem for years and failed to take due care to keep the people of Jakarta safe from floods.  Finally, in 2012, the city and national government stepped in and did the right thing by starting to clean up the mess.




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