BP 4 Who said it’s fun to play by the rules? 

Wells Fargo has been in and out of the headlines for the past several weeks. This article talks about the people who were fired from Wells Fargo. You would think these people were fired for not doing their job, and they were. Their job was to hit sales targets. These targets were very unreasonable. So much that, they were to make up accounts, open and close accounts with out permission or falsifying documents. These employees were not “playing by the rules” of Wells Fargo. This article shares the story of a man who was fired for not referring people in bankruptcy and foreclosure to a sales person. Another one was fired for being “insubordienet” because she blew the whistle on her fellow employees.
In the reading by Michael Davis he talks about playing by the rules and professional responsibility. “Rules set the standard of professional conduct; just following those rules, in a relatively robust but not unusual sense of ‘following those rules,’ just is acting as a responsible professional” (Oxford, 12). So what does it mean to follow the rules of Wells Fargo? It means to do what you need to hit sales targets. It means do not call the ethics hotline. It means there are no rules. Davis also talks about “maliciously obidence” in the sense of “I was just following the rules”. But in this case that is exactly what these people were doing. They were just following the rules. They were doing what they were taught to do in training. Yet they were fired! They were the ones blowing the whistle on people who weren’t following the rules. This also ties into our previous discussions of integrity. These people who stood up and said no, this is not right I do not stand for this. Really have integrity. I think one thing Calhoun’s argument lacks is standing alone. Most people who stand for something, usually stand alone. Wells Fargo has tarnished it’s name and will be feeling this shock for several years to come. Add another tally to the “there are no ethics in business” score board. It is a shame we have reached a low in society where we fire people for being ethical.  


Micheal Davis reading 


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