War Continues to Rage in Aleppo Syria; Child Death Toll Rising-Blog Post #4

“A man crying over the body of his child after she was pulled from the rubble of a building following government airstrikes Tuesday on a rebel-held neighborhood in Aleppo” Credit: Karam Al-Masri/Agence France-Presse-Getty Images


For those out of the loop on current world events, the Syrian Civil War continues to wreck havoc all across Syria. Children and families are trapped in killing zones, specifically in Aleppo. Bombs are raining down from the skies and hundreds of thousands of people are being killed.

The United States continues to play a role in this conflict by providing non lethal aid (including items such as bulletproof vests, food, night vision goggles, etc.) to rebel forces who are against the Syrian government (Source: New York Times). Many unaware of the war are also unaware of the events that led up to this turbulent battle. In short, tensions began to rise after the events of the Arab Spring and the protest of President Bashar al-Assad’s removal. Syrian opposition grew from there leading to the explosive war being fought today.


A main topic in this weeks class discussion focused on obedience. Michael Davis believes that obedience, or following the rules, is sufficient for responsible moral conduct, but to what extent? Davis discussed five types of obedience, but I would like to discuss one today; malicious obedience. Malicious obedience can be described as  someone interpreting the rule with ill intent. The soldiers fighting this battle on the government’s side can be seen simply as following orders, but being ordered to drop bombs on rebel-held neighborhoods containing multiple children cannot be morally correct.

I understand that war, in its own nature, is violent, aggressive, and full of immoral action,and that soldiers fighting for their countries is honorable, but just because one is simply following orders, it does not give that person an excuse for their immoral behavior. What do you all think?


One thought on “War Continues to Rage in Aleppo Syria; Child Death Toll Rising-Blog Post #4

  1. This is a very hard topic. On one hand there are soldiers fighting for their country and following orders. On the other hand, it is difficult, if not impossible to justify bombing an area filled with innocent children. Getting further into the issue, when someone is a solider, they no longer are their own person, they are owned by the state, signing away their individual rights. So in a way, they must do what they are told because they are no longer looked at as individual people. I would find it quite difficult if i was in the soldiers’ situation, and they most likely feel disgusted by what they have to do as well. Very interesting!

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