BP#4: Friend texted worries about boating with Marlins’ Jose Fernandez on morning of fatal crash: an article from the LA Times.

On Sunday September 25th, 24 year old Miami Marlins baseball player, Jose Fernandez and two of his friends, Emilio Jesus Macias, 27, and 25-year-old Eduardo Rivero all died in a fatal boating accident; the boat crashed into some rocks, and was ripped to shreds on impact, ejecting one victim onto the rocks, and trapping the other two beneath the vessel. According to reports no official cause has been declared. However, some people speculate that speed and alcohol could be possible factors in the deaths of the three men.

Yesterday Will Bernal, a friend of victim Eduardo Rivero, came out and stated that he spoke with via text that night and urged him to take it easy.  Perhaps even stay home instead of going out that Sunday night.  He told his friend to keep his find my iPhone application on, and to be safe, but most importantly “keep Jose cool, and close to shore.” However, Rivero’s response to that was “I’ll be safe Bro, and “it’s not my time yet.” Unfortunately he had no idea how wrong he was.

It has been revealed the whole team knew Fernandez planned to go out, and similar to Bernal, Jose’s teammate Marcell Ozuna actually turned down a ride on the boat, and even suggested that Jose himself go home, and have a calm evening because of the big game against the New York Mets the next morning. This sad situation makes me think of how things could have been different. If a few more steps were taken by friends to kind of shift the events of the night, or if the victims took their friends warning seriously would this tragic accident have happened?

Negligent Obedience comes to mind when thinking of this particular story, the whole idea of failing to take do care of things; not taking preventative measures to ensure safety. I’m sure these young men were not trying to go out and get themselves fatally injured, and having a good time or a few drinks isn’t illegal, and I’m sure they were not trying to go out of their way to break rules, but this does make me wonder what extra steps could have been taken in terms of the earlier precautions Ozuna and Bernal shared with their friends. Could they have done better at making sure they were safe, or was this just a freak accident that no one could control?



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