BP#4:In Siberia, a ‘Blood River’ in a Dead Zone Twice the Size of Rhode Island

On a peninsula in Russia, discharge from a nickel plant was leaked into the local river, causing said river to turn red in color thanks to the heavy concentration of iron in the slurry. The Norilsk Nickel plant is considered one of the worst polluters in the world, with the plant producing more acid rain than the entirety of France. Around the plant is dead zone equal to twice the size of the state of Rhode Island,with local wildlife being almost non-existent and multiple pools of waste from the facility.

I think this is an example of negligent obedience. While the Russian government has laxer requirements when it comes to environmental issues, that does not excuse the complete lack of care Norilsk Nickel uses with the land around it. The company owns a land mass larger than an US state and most of it is unlivable thanks to their business practices. The river that turned red is a major tributary in Russia, and thanks to the release of the iron slurry the local fish population will be negatively affected. While they may not have a legal obligation to maintain the environment, I believe they failed in their moral obligation to the environment and the people who share the land with them by not properly disposing of their waste. A company may follow regulations set by the government, but these regulations are not always adequate and to allow an ecological disaster large enough to turn an entire river red is a distinct example of negligence.


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