Bringing prison guards to justice

This article is talking about an incident that occurred in a downstate correctional facility in Fishkill. A group of guards beat 56 year old Kevin Moore almost to death. They covered up the attack by cleaning up the blood and making it look like he was attacked by another inmate. Instead of taking him to the hospitals the guards put him in solitary confinement. These guards are finally being prosecuted but their unions are protecting them. However their needs to be sustained pressure to prosecute them.

While reading this I could easily relate it to the rules of sufficient moral conduct that we talked about in class. The first rule that I thought of was strict obedience. One officer could have been superior and order the other officers to help him beat this man so they listened to him. They were not thinking about the consequences or context because they were ordered to do it. The next one that I also thought of was malicious obedience. The inmate could have done something wrong and the guards acted on it but they manipulated their power and rules to harm him. They obviously had a harmful intent when committing this crime because you wouldn’t beat someone to near death unless you felt threatened. These officers had numbers and power over the inmate so there could have been no way that they felt threatened. These officers are hiding behind their unions also which is not just and fair in any way. If this happened out on the street there would be serious consequences and the same should happen to these guards.


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