Plantier, a cutting edge tech firm, has been accused of systemic discrimination of Asian job applicants. A lawsuit was filed against Plantier on September twenty sixth by the United States labor department. The labor department raised against Plantier stating that it enacted hiring practices that favored white males over that of asian applicants seeking a job as software engineers.

Silicon Valley is not a stranger to allegations of racism  with both Google and Facebook being hit with lawsuits for racist hiring practices adds Silicon Valley’s hidden past. Planter’s slightly abnormal in the fact that it is being accused towards Asians when usually companies located in Silicon Valley discriminate towards Blacks and Hispanics.

Mentioned in the article the was the unfair practices that Plantier was enacting that favored white people over Asian. The two mentioned are Plantiers friend policy and their screening technique. 1,260 qualified  applications were sent to Plantier of which 85% were from Asian decent. Even though the majority were qualified Asian applicants only 11 Asian applicants were hired as apposed to the 14 white men hired. Plantier countered by stating that this is in part due to one of their hiring process that involves being referred by an employee. The lawsuit calls for a halt in all government deals with the tech company, this would be a huge blow to Plantier who would be expected to lose 340 million dollars in government contracts.

Ethical Analysis

The idea that the only reason that that Plantier has hired so few members from the Asian community is due to their referral rule i feel follows under the idea that Plantier is maliciously following their own rules. This is not an ethical way to conduct their business because it gives Plantier an easy scapegoat to be racist. The probability that Plantier is hiring so few Asian workers as opposed to white ones is at a ratio of one to 3.4 million according to The United States Labor Department. This falls under the maliciously following orders because they are using the hiring principles as an excuse for their faults instead of a was to find a proper candidate. In a Caucasian dominated job tech firm it is hard to believe that their employees have many ties to the Asian culture the majority of their job applicants, leading the white employees to refer mainly other white people their have befriended who are looking for new jobs. This practice has lead to a uphill battle for any Asian looking for a job with Plantier.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/27/technology/us-accuses-tech-firm-of-bias-against-asian-software-engineers.html?ref=technology&_r=0


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