BP #4 Rule Following

When it comes to police officers, rule following varies between each police officer themselves and the situation. Late Sunday night, Mark Ross got a called informing him that his baby sister had been killed. Devastated, Mark had to get to his family’s side as fast as possible but no way to get there. He soon convinces his friend to drive him but they end up getting pulled over by Sgt. David Robinson for speeding. Ross had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant out for his arrest but instead of getting forced in the back of a police car and going to jail, Sgt. Robinson let him sit in the front seat and drove him more than 100 miles to see his family in Detroit. Ross and his family could never imagine that Sgt. Robinson would have done that but they are so grateful that he did.

When it comes to police officers, I feel like they follow strict obedience. They are handed a big fat rule book and then are not supposed to ask any questions and just do it. I do not think that is right. All police officers have their own morals and beliefs and if they do not believe something should be handled by the books then they shouldn’t have to handle it that way. Unfortunately, that could backfire on us and those police officers could want to take matters into their own hands and people’s lives could be in danger. I believe that the book of rules should be the max of police officers have to follow and if they want to go easy on someone then they can per their judgement but they should never go behind the rules like a male officer brutally assaulting a female just because she can’t keep her mouth shut. There needs to be a limit of action.

Police officers are getting a bad name because some are acting out and going beyond the book rules. What Sgt. Robinson did for Mr. Ross was a great act of kindness out of his heart. Ross said he got the sense of hope from Sgt. Robinson because of this act of kindness and his family invited him to his sister’s funeral and Sgt. Robinson does plan on attending.



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