BP #4 Rule Following

Article Summary:

This article is a brief overview about the two men who found a bag that didn’t detonate this month in Manhattan and New Jersey. The FBI won’t reveal their identities and are saying that the two men, originally from Egypt, might be tourists. The men are back in their homeland and the F.B.I. is requesting information about these men.

Ethical Analysis:

Although the article doesn’t speak about the mens behavior or their actions during this incident, I think it was a great piece if you consider that they are guilty. If these men are part of something bigger like the Towers. They could be following the rules blindly. The men could of been told that they are doing a justice to society or their own country. In their minds they could believe that those potential actions are just. If so, are they blindly being obedient? Or maybe they are acting in a malicious and negligent manner of obedience. I think, if they planted this bag on purpose, that it is blind obedience. They are unaware of what the actual intent is because they are following rules just because they are told. But the men could’ve been simple tourists, trying to help by turning in this bag they thought was hazardous even if they weren’t in their own country. They would be acting in an interpretive obedience because they are trying to protect the safety of other humans. I think these men might of been acting in accidental obedience. I think they were unaware of their acts, whether it be that they were potentially saving lives, or harming them. They just turned in a bag that was lost and not their own.


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