BP #4 Mistreatment of Obese Patients


In the past two decades, the obesity rate of America has been rising to an alarming rate. Today, more than 15 million Americans have extreme obesity. Society complains about the epidemic and wants to stop it, or so they claim. However, doctors around the country are ill prepared and unwilling to help these people. Many doctors don’t have a scale that can properly weigh the obese patients and in lots of cases are unwilling to perform certain surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements, to obese patients. Even worse, doctors will not properly examine the patients and misdiagnose saying it is due to the patient’s weight.

These doctors who are refusing treatment and not properly examining patients are showing negligent obedience to the rules of medical law. Negligent obedience is failure to exercise due care, which is essentially doing less than you could. They are doing to bare minimum requirement to be following the rules without taking chances or doing more. negligent obedience is especially shown when doctors don’t properly examine a patient and instead just blame whatever pain they are feeling on their obesity. There have been many cases where the doctors missed a life threatening, and harmful condition because of their quick assumption of the patient. The doctors look at the patient and see an extremely overweight person and tell themselves the patient’s weight is the source of all their problems without looking deeper into the situation.

This also shows that the doctors fail to have integrity, according to McFall, because they are not using coherence, which is matching your actions to your beliefs. By becoming a doctor, they took an oath to help and serve the community by providing good, helpful, and potentially life-saving care. However, by refusing to take patients based on weight, not performing surgeries for certain patients, and being negligent during examinations, these doctors are showing their beliefs do not match their actions. They say they want to help by becoming a doctor in the first place, but then pick and choose patients and neglect others. It goes against a core part of integrity, according to McFall, and therefore the doctors not only show negligent obedience to the rules, but they also lack integrity.


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