BP #4 Everybody Deserves Their Due Care; Yes, even the Obese

Why Do Obese Patients Get Worse Care? Many Doctors Don’t See Past the Fat

Many doctors, physicians and surgeons are basically ignoring their patients that are “fat” or obese. Surgeons are refusing to do knee and hip replacements on the obese, and doctors/ physicians are giving these patients a diagnosis saying their weight is the problem without ever giving them an assessment. In a study, doctors said that obese patients are a burden and a “waste of their time”, and also would like their jobs less as their patients got bigger in size. Many common medical affects of obesity doctors refuse care to until they lose weight first. This happened to a woman who went in with shortness of breath and the doctor just told her she had too much weight pushing down on her lungs, and that she needed to lose weight. She ended up having blood clots in her lungs which is a life threatening condition, and the doctor just pushed it aside as an obesity problem.

Just because somebody is obese doesn’t mean that the only possible solution to fixing their health is losing weight. Although it may be true there are large amount of health problems that can be amounted to obesity, it’s not true that everything that COULD be caused by obesity is. Patty Nece a woman that weighs above 500 pounds went into the doctor with a hip ache. The doctor right away, told her that it is because of her hip. It could be that 99% of obese people that come in with an aching hip have that problem because of their weight, but they still at the minimum should receive a physical examination just like every other person that walks through the door with an aching hip. This person could be in that one percent where the hip problem stems from another issue unrelated to weight.In this case it was. This doctor right after she told him the symptoms said it was “obesity pain”. He never took the extra couple of minutes to give her the physical exam she needed. Her problem actually wasn’t about her weight, and this doctor would have easily found this out if he wasn’t participating in Negligent Obedience. He did not exercise due care. He did the bare minimum of what he needed to do, which was get the information he needed to make an accurate diagnosis. He believed just hearing the symptoms and seeing how obese she was, that he could make an accurate diagnosis of Patty’s hip ache. If he was using Interpretive Obedience he would have done everything he could to know every possible aspect about her and her body before making a diagnosis.


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