Blog Post #4


Birth of “3-Parent Baby” a Success for Controversial Procedure was an article in the New York Times today written by Gina Kolata. The article talks about the success in a clinic in Mexico had in helping a couple have a healthy baby. The procedure the scientists used to help the couple have a healthy baby was very controversial. That is why the procedure has been banned in the United States. The procedure involves using donor mitochondria. The couple needed donor mitochondria because the children that they had previously had were born with a mitochondrial disease and died young. After using this procedure they welcomed a healthy baby boy free of mitochondrial disease. Britain who also had a ban on this procedure has recently lifted it and allowed research in the area to continue.

Ethical Analysis:

This article relates well to Davis and his ideas of following the rules. In this case the United States is no longer doing research in the area of mitochondrial disease because it is against the rules. In Mexico it is not against the rules to tamper with the mitochondria of unborn children. Children in the United States are dying of mitochondrial disease and children in Mexico are born happy and healthy. This brings up the question is following the rules always the moral thing to do? I think that doctors and researchers are just following the rules that congress put into place without thinking about the consequences. This is called being strictly obedient. This is not responsible rule following. Following the rules is important but not when the rules go against your morals.


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