BP #4

You have to forgive me President Obama I did not know that you are such an intellectually virtuous man when it come to preserving our world. President Obama recently attended the third annual Ocean Conference in Washington and informed leaders from many other countries about the importance to protect the oceans world wide. The Oceans and the Ocean currents affect the way our weather patterns move and change. Also the temperature of the water greatly affects the core temperature of the surrounding land masses.

“we cannot truly protect our planet without protecting our oceans” stated by President Obama during the meeting. President Obama recently visited Hawaii and the way he described the sea turtles sun bathing on the beaches, brightly colored coral, and the underwater sea life was incredibly refreshing. The way he spoke about this issue was astonishingly compassionate and optimistic. Nature not only can but will bounce back if we learn to take care of it and not viciously destroy it.

His open mindedness and creativity to preserve the oceans is something that we need. he recently created the first national underwater monument that will protect 5,000 square miles keeping the underwater environment free from harm allowing the organisms to grow. We can still enjoy our oceans but we need to learn to preserve our world or one day the natural beauties will be gone and our future generations will not know the fascinations our world has to offer.

Sources: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2016/09/15/obama-lays-claim-to-being-americas-first-ocean-president/?utm_term=.6eea226eb659



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