BP#4: Yahoo Confirms 500 Million Accounts Have Been Breached

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In case you missed it, the account information of 500 million yahoo users was breached by various hackers about two years ago, and you might be one of them. According to a recent article in the New York Times, Yahoo’s breach is the largest known hacking’s of one company’s computer network to this date. Yahoo was just recently able to confirm 2 years after the incident happened that they were indeed hacked. Yes, that is right they are only now in 2016 explaining themselves. Personal data, passwords and other account information were retrieved by the hackers, which creates a panic among yahoo users. The breach not only allows the hackers with information from Yahoo, but with information to bank accounts, social media profiles and the user’s family and friends information as well. It is unfortunate that this happened and many people are at risk with their information on the line.
It is interesting that Yahoo would take 2 years to identify a hack to the system, as most companies can detect a breach almost instantly. The gaming industry has experienced hacks by users before, but it seems like it usually only takes them a couple of days or weeks to fix it definitely not 2 years. Yahoo claims to have known of the data breach this summer, but somehow they apparently couldn’t find anything wrong in their system. The information of many people was posted on what is to be known as the underground web for trading purposes among hackers. Well, clearly Yahoo should have known that their information was being accessed by hackers within that 2 year period. It seems quite strange that Yahoo would also make a deal to sell their company to the ever growing Verizon company just before they were exposed to being breached.

There are many different angles at which this news article could be analyzed, but we will Yahoo’s perspectives regarding rule following. We have spoken in class about Michael Davis’s views on following the rules, and he makes a few claims on how one should not follow rules. I think that the Yahoo clearly fell into a few of Michael Davis’s theories on bad rule following. I think that Yahoo was wrong in that they knew about the breach to their system yet, they still proceeded on as if things were fine in the company. Clearly there was a negligent obedience going on in this instance. According to Michael negligent obedience means that there was a failure to take due care, which means that Yahoo could have done a better job than they did in this scenario. Yahoo failed to take due care of the customers that they claimed they were protecting because of a few reasons. One reason that I think that they failed is because it took them 2 years to notice unless of course they kept it under the rug for that long. How can a large company go 2 years without noticing that a breach to their system has occurred? It is Yahoo’s duty to follow the rules of their contracts with customers as well as the laws of the land. Yahoo surely should have acknowledged that they were breached or they should have had a better security system in the first place to protect the public and their information. The Yahoo company failed to “follow the rules” on so many levels and for that I hope that they are held accountable.


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