BP#4 Enbridge ignores Line 5

This article talks about how Enbridge’s Line 5 could be a catastrophe just waiting to happen.  Line 5 is over 60 years old and is located underneath the waters near the Mackinaw Bridge.  The pipeline carries roughly 23 million gallons of oil and natural gas underneath the water every day.   Enbridge is also a company known to experience pipeline leaks/breaks.  Since 1998 Enbridge has recorded over 1,000 pipeline leaks in the United States and Canada. This worries millions because the Great Lakes supplies roughly one fifth of the worlds fresh water.  This makes a leak or burst even more crucial, because much of the world depends on the waters of Michigan.  Researchers at the University of Michigan did a simulation leak of 1 million gallons of oil to see how quick it would spread with the strong currents of the straits.  They found out that in just 12 hours this 1-million-gallon leak would spread to Mackinaw Island and in just one day it would spread to Lake Michigan and to into Lake Huron.  The people in the area of Line 5 are especially unhappy about Enbridge’s actions to the pipeline, and fear for the safety of the lakes, environment, and people.

In class we talked about the professional responsibilities that Michael Davis mentions.  One of those professional responsibilities is Negligent obedience.  Davis defines negligence as,” a failure to exercise due care in our relations to others.”  This directly relates to Enbridge’s actions to ignore the possible horrific outcome that Line 5 could pose in the next decade or so.  Negligence is also, “the failure to take proper care in doing something” (dictionarylaw, N.P.).  Enbridge knows that Line 5 was built in 1953 is out of date and poses a safety hazard to millions of people and to the ecosystem of the Great Lakes.  One main concern by engineers is the corrosion of the pipeline over the years.  The pipeline when it was installed was a 20-inch diameter pipe, and was an inch thick.  That was over 60 years ago though and pipes can corrode, especially while underwater.  Over those years of being in the water, zebra mussels could have eaten away at the pipeline and the protective coating.  The only action that has been done to the pipeline was; put anchors every 75 feet along the bottom of the pipe to prevent it from knocking out of position, and increase the oil flow by 10 percent, which adds up to 2.1 million additional gallons per day).  According to Davis, “Negligent obedience is always a failure to follow the rule.”  Enbridge is not listening to the people because they want to make money not spend money fixing a problem, in order to get them to fix the problem the government needs to step in and mandate a fix.  Enbridge needs to quick neglecting the problem at hand, and needs to replace the section of Line 5 that runs under the water near Mackinaw Bridge before a major problem occurs and effects millions.





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