BP #4: 2 Charged in Hazing Death of U. of Albany Student From Bronx


Trevor Duffy, a student from Albany University was found unconscious in his fraternity house in November of 2014. Duffy had later died in the hospital due to excessive consumption of alcohol during his fraternity initiation. Two men from the university of Albany were charged with first degree hazing. The Albany Times Union stated, “The fraternity members had been having a house party during which pledges were required to drink 60 ounces of vodka” (Southhall 1).

Ethical Analysis:

Philosopher, Micheal Davis explains that “There is nothing obviously wrong with just following the rules”(Martin 13). However he also states, “the criticism of just following the rules is unjustified” (Martin 13). What Davis is trying to say is that while there is nothing wrong with the concept of following rules, following the rules at all costs even when it is not the morally right thing to do is not considered ethically correct though. While this is an extremely devastating situation, Trevor Duffy exemplified what Davis would call “strict obedience” or following the rules without thinking about the context or consequences. Davis explains, “in strict obedience , we allow our own judgment to be short-circulated by someone else’s” (Martin 14). Trevor Duffy consumed this amount of alcohol and neglected the fact that it would potently kill himself solely because that was what his superiors were telling him to do. While it was extremely unethical for  fraternity brothers to encourage Duffy to do this, Duffy himself demonstrated a severe act of strict obedience when he did what he was told without thinking about the consequences or context.



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