[BP#3] The Success of the Voter Fraud Myth

New York Times Article (Link also provided at the end)


Election time is one of the most sensitive times for the US. Not only are we prepping for presidents to hand over their mantle to a new inductee, we also have to deal with getting voters motivated to vote.

This author of this article talks about voter fraud. Before we continue, let us define voter fraud. Voter fraud is election manipulation , or vote rigging. This illegal interference can have a major effect on result and voter turnout. The Author, The Editorial Board, states that voter fraud it a myth created by the Republicans to get better results during elections.

Per the article, very rarely do other fraud cases pertaining to elections occur, with voting fraud being the only to never occur. These fraud claims have led states to require Voter ID’s, which affect a majority population that may not have the necessary requirements to obtain them (i.e. Students, Poor Families, etc.).

Ethical Analysis

There is quite a lot to cover from an ethical standpoint. This article points out the malpractices within our own systems, simply for the sake of winning. Politicians continuously lie to the point where it becomes reality, and people [voters] have become desensitized to the lying as a result. Many of us actually shrug off most of what politicians are saying and doing with a mere “It’s just politics”. This is, for all extents and purposes, wrong.

Let us take a look at Politics as a business (which essentially it is anyways). In proper business practice, businesses and organizations are required to provide information to the consumer. The good, and the bad. This allows for the consumer, typically us, to make a completely informed decision without the influence of an outside party. Politicians are advertising themselves, but by lying,  and attacking the competition, it is essentially a vile act and profession if continued this way.

From a more human approach, if this vile act is eagerly practiced, then Republicans (this is who the article focuses on) are a vile party. With anything there are extremities, and I believe this one to be a case of that. If happiness is the end goal for all people, lying and rigging results for a better turn out go against that end goal. They are only seeking power, renown, and money, all of which are only useful for the sake of something else.


  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/20/opinion/the-success-of-the-voter-fraud-myth.html?ribbon-ad-idx=2&rref=opinion&module=Ribbon&version=context&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Opinion&pgtype=article

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