BP3: Fast Food Company


Major fast food restaurants across the U.S are responding by vowing for not using any antibiotic use in their meat and poultry. However, report that released on Tuesday shows the many of the big chain restaurants policies including Burger King and KFC completely fail to eliminate antibiotics in the meat and poultry they serve consumers.

It was a major issue as the drug-resistant bacteria currently kills around 700,000 people worldwide each year; that number could grow to 10 million by 2050 if efforts to combat antibiotic resistance fail. These companies had been encouraged to adopt good policies that prohibit routine antibiotic use for growth promotion or disease prevention across all the meats they serve. Yet, companies still did not take action for changing the policies and to use of antimicrobial drugs in their supply chains.

When reading this article, it was really related to Solomon studies about “The Basic Business Virtues: Honesty, Fairness, Trust and Toughness” According to Solomon, business is a social activity, where is to open and honest. For companies such as KFC website say, it will follow the same FDA guidance on using antibiotics for treating illnesses only by 2017. It is an honest statement. Honesty is the first virtue by telling what are you getting. So KFC still serving meat and poultry than consist antibiotics. However, honesty is not everything. The question is KFC virtue. Aristotle says a virtue acquired or practiced skill that is morally or intellectually good that are used to help in various situations. Should have KFC practice not to use antibiotics early so that consumer can eat something which safer for them and avoid diseases spreading. The virtues of toughness that discussed in Soloman studies, saying companies should be knowing when to action. It is a health issue. Therefore, it should be taken immediate action knowing it affects the community eating their product.

Sources: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/sep/20/burger-king-kfc-mcdonalds-antibiotic-free-meat



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