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Dr. Gould is determined to prevent more suicides from happening on the George Washington bridge. As many people have jumped off of the bridge a simple rail could prevent this from even being possible. Although the barrier around the bridge would cost 35-50 million dollars, it’s potentially saving 20 plus lives a year. That’s more than worth the money. The wait to have such barrier built and structured is until 2020. Dr. Gould and Mr. Steel think this is absurd because if the bridge had a mechanical issue it’d be shut down right then and taken care of.

This article is more about the suicide awareness and survivors of jumping off the bridge but the simple part that stuck out to me was the wait to have a simple fix built. The lawmakers, companies, government, or whoever is in charge of such a thing are not holding their end of integrity. A moral principle of wanting to save peoples lives should be held accountable here. This is a fix that could save 20 lives a year and it’s not even going to begin until 2020. There should be more of and understanding at what this bridge is known for and the project should start now. The social virtue of empathy can play apart in this article. Dr. Gould has put herself in these survivors shoes to fight for a fix that is possible. The “higher up” people that can make this happen cannot hold to this virtue. If they could then the solution would be started when the proposal was given.


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